Pre-k Garden Program

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Pre-K curriculum that is designed to begin your students’ STEM journey through agriculture both inside and outside the classroom.

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6 Units


Why choose a garden curriculum:

Farming The Future’s unique outdoor garden curriculum offers the following benefits:

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Why we do this:

FTF believes that agriculture truly is one of the most enriching fields for learning. Seeing plants grow from seed to their edible end product is a wonderful and empowering experience for students. Agriculture teaches science by learning to work with the local environment, or through attempts to control it during the course of experiments.

School gardens have been proven to affect change in a wide variety of fields including overall student health. Integrating gardens with core STEM concepts and comprehensive lessons has the potential to improve both academic achievement and social emotional learning. 

Sample Lessons:

Meera Jagroop

Associate Director of Curriculum

who will guide you

Associate Director of Curriculum

Meera Jagroop is a museum educator, exhibition designer, and naturalist. Meera has an M.S.Ed in Museum Education and B.S. in Natural History and Interpretation.

Enhanced overall academic achievement in K-12 settings, including grades and test scores.

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